Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trip Report - Part 2

 After a couple days of camping, we still had 2 nights to kill before the start of the pancho run, so we took our time gettin' down to Dallas and chilled at Stanley's house.  Apparently a few people know Stanley Miller, and even more know of him.  I can not begin to explain this dude, he is the real deal for sure and every time I hang out with him,  I walk away feeling like I don't know shit about motorcycles in comparison, but at least i know a little more than I did before.  His place is like a museum and it was great to get some insight into how the old dudes do it.  I got chastised for having "tractor parts" on my motorcycle and heard some new terms like "celluphone" and he even "fired up the vcr" for me and Andy when he had to take off for a bit.  I posted a couple of these pics already on Instagram but for those who didn't see 'em,  I'm doin' it again.  The top pic here is a picture of Stanley on his bike, taken in 1973.  The lower portion is the same bike, taken by me about a week ago.  It runs and he rides it regularly.  I'm still amazed looking at it.  It is really inspiring and to me shows the utmost respect for the motorcycle.
Digging around, I also came up with these tanks.  The last supper side I found first and later on I came across the biker side.  After asking him about them he informed me that the biker is him, taken from a photo in the 70's.  Amazing tank art, done by hand (30 or 40 years ago) with a rapidograph pen.  Totally amazing.
It seemed like every time I turned around I found another bike.  I've been on the fence about selling one of mine, but after a couple days with this dude I've decided I'm just gonna have to hold on to them all, and figure out another way when I start thinkin' like that.  Some highlights:
Oh and this one, hell yeah!:
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