Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trip Report - Part 1

A couple weeks ago i took off on the 66 for a little bit.  Ultimately, I clocked in at 10 days and just under 2000 miles.  My bike ran great, and save for one afternoon of retuning my carb, had zero problems. From Austin, I headed north to Oklahoma, hooked up with my buddy Stanley and my new bro Andy from 'Bama at the just kickers show.  That show flew under the radar a little since it was the first year, but i strongly suggest you make it from now on.  TONS of bad ass old bikes, not a single thing "for sale" other than cheap beer and inexpensive bbq.  No attitudes, no ulterior motives, just cool old bikes and good people.
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1 comment:

  1. Great pics and write up! Considering what Red Bike started off looking like compared to what it looks like now- you have done something amazing. Best looking non show ride he piss out of bike ever! Definitely a major inspiration for my upcoming build.