Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So as some insiders know, my Sportster was stolen from in front of my home on November 19th. Well..... it got recovered and is now in this state. So yeah, it's a total loss.

So yeah. Red paint is not the same thing as scraping off the VIN number,,,
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  1. Tell me this isn't the bike u had on the stand when i dropped the dished take off is it?

  2. It is that bike, but I didn't run the dished tank. 2001 HD 1200 sporty

  3. Sorry dude, thing was gonna be killer. What are u plans? Gonna try and salvage it?

  4. Rather than taking what's behind the curtain, I am taking the money. Total loss, No bike. I thought about taking the air cleaner but I was with 2 escorts from the yard when I got to see it.

  5. I like chopping....especially when its some thieving bastards fingers !!!!

  6. Holy shit I just threw up in my mouth a little! How much bathtub crank does it take to make that seem like a good idea?

    Used to think I was a tolerant forgiving kind of guy, but shit like this and my own recent dealings with scammers and thieves has changed my perspective.

    Steal a bike=forfeit feet and hands
    Steal a motor or frame=forfeit hands
    Steal any major part or tool=forfeit thumbs and fingers
    Frankly I think that's pretty lenient.