Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational

So it looks like Nick and I will be flying out for the Brooklyn Invitational next week (September 17th).  I am going to be working with Evil Spirit Engineering and helping out with their two builder invite bikes.  I'm all about surprise vacations. 

Bikes by:
Aki Sakamoto
Andy Camay
Caleb Owens
Dave Roper
Dean Micetich
Duane Ballard 
Jeff Wright
Jeremiah Arementa
Keino Sasaki
Kutty Noteboom
Lock Baker
Max Schaaf
Michael Barragan
Paul Cox
Paul Wideman
Rich Phillips
Shinya Kimura
Tom Fugle
Walt Siegl
Additional Works by:
Adam Wright
Bryan Helm
Cicero DeGuzman Jr.
Jason Jessee
Josh Kurpius
Ken Nagahara
Michael McCabe
Scott Pommier
Steve Bonge
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