Monday, August 15, 2011

Juniors' 3rd Sportster

So I bought another Sportster after selling my 69 a few weeks ago. This one is a 2001 XL1200C. I bought it from a guy about 45 miles north of here. It came with bags, a tank bra, fringe bullshit on the clutch/break levers and some other aftermarket do dads..

I am by no stretch of the words done with this bike, but this is where I'm at so far. (We can't all turn a 01 sportster into a completely different bike in a week) I pulled the tank, both fenders, the bars, the pipes, the air cleaner, switched from forwards controls to mids, and swapped the seat for one of those new Biltwell sportster seats. (I've got a LaPera solo seat up for grabs, hit me up if you're intersted I swapped the fender out for a TT&Co ribbed fender.The aircleaner is from Benchmark. I am running a sidemount plate with Death Head tail light (on loan from Matt). The bars are Chump bars from Biltwell. The tank is a 90's sporty tank with a slightly different mount which makes it sit more on the backbone.

I still need to narrow the bars a bit, rewire, change the grips, change the hand controls, paint, and ride the fuck out of it. More updates to come.
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  1. Where's the "Trouser" sticker?

    Love yall,

  2. Those things are like gold around here. Like currency. I'm tellin you man when the dollar goes to shit I'm trading with rouserworks stickers.

  3. You have outdone yourself this time. It is probably the best, most short step by step guide that I have ever seen. Headlight mount repair in Kiev