Friday, July 22, 2011


I picked up this 2001 (4500 miles on the motor) Sporty on Monday, realllll cheap like.  Check out the gnar gnar status it started out as.

After 5 days and many hours of de-"bobberizing" this sportster, I've got something resembling a real bike!  This sporty will be up for sale soon, so if anyone is interested you can email me @  I've got some cool parts on this thing and a few more to go. 

Nick hopped on it and did some burnouts to test out its new style.

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  1. Love the fact the pipes got blued after it got the de-bobber treatment!

  2. Those were just heat shields in the before picture, it got so stoked that I took the DNA off that it turned blue.

  3. God dawn, why can't I score a nice ride like this?

  4. wanna sell the le pera it came with?

  5. I look forward to the days of riding shirtless next to you my friend.