Friday, June 17, 2011

Blast From the Past

Nick took some time off from fighting hammer skins, to get a quick snap with the star of E.T.

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  1. fuck yeah, the Blitz are always on heavy rotation in my ipod. Skinheads rule and thats ok!!! oh and I awlays had a thing for Drew Berrymore she is hot!!!

  2. i heard he touched her butt. confirm/deny? (if you did can i smell your hand?)

  3. Deny, she was probably not too happy with the fact that 4 seconds earlier I had told her to fuck off because I hadn't recognized her when she was trying to get into a invite only party @ Red7 when I worked the door there. When I realized she and her little crew probably didn't need an invite to get in I apologized, told her to walk around back and got a picture. We tried to sell this image to TMZ once but we didn't get anywhere. Skinhead Pride.