Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where was I....? Ah, right EDR 2

Lurking Rob Rouser TMZ style. "Who threw that drink last night?", "Jerks."

What better way to celebrate a rich culture I'm visiting for the first time!... Clean my bike.

While everyone was getting loose at the "Fox Hole" it up we decided to do laundry and eat candy. Duh, we're bikers.

Brian decided that all of us looked and felt like shit. So his solution was to buy b-12 shots. Pain and hilarity ensue. Close your eyes Mrs. Mack, your boy is now a sketchy man.

Im saying ouch.

Eww road grime.
Then Brian and I found this epic pastor bar. Nom.

Kevin stayed home to "sleep it off"
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  1. HAHAHAH KEVIN I can see yer pickle!! Those jerks knocked on our door as well asking if we threw the drink off the balcony. I wish I had a better comeback than just "No"

  2. Dont lie. You threw that drink.