Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more EDR pics

off the top while im trying to only post the pics i took on this trip, when i got home i got a little flooded with other peoples pics and trying to keep them together they all ended up in one folder. so apologies to anyone if i post anything that i didnt take myself. im horrible with photo etiquette and tend to get a little kramer sometimes when it comes up from my friends who know. i tried to get around and take pics of most of the bikes, some nicer than others. and all with the handy iphone 4 which actually takes pretty good pictures. so take that photo fags.

clam showder anyone??

you have no idea how hilarious this sign actually is. i first saw it the morning after FOUR HOURS of consecutive burnouts from midnight till 4am, infused with a healthy dose of M-80s about every 3 minutes. but the bottle rockets didnt start until the second night.

theres gonna be at least one of these in every post. i have a ton of them.

we lost richard just before temecula. we were so bummed, hes such a great guy. at one point shortly before the border i looked back and we had another dude out of nowhere riding with us in our pack. turned out to be one of the coolest guys i met on the trip. im stoked we met austin. i cant wait to ride with you again bro!

ensenada bound. stoked to ride again.

what do you do when you finally get to tattoo yourself? "i did this" rouser rob rules.

more to come...
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