Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EDR 4 - (post 1 of who knows)

so im finally starting to come back down to earth after the trip. we had a blast, and only would have been better if matt and the daves could have made the trip with us. me an nick did our best to represent otherwise. 700 miles on the surface didnt really seem that much to me, but mexico miles are a little different and it really seemed like quite a journey when it was all said and done. i took a good amount of pics, although now i wish i would have got a few more of some specific things. im not gonna post em all right now, but ill do some updates over the next couple days in semi correct order. anyone on the fence about whether or not to make this run in the future do not hesitate. DO IT. do it. doo it.

we lost richard just outside of temecula. fixed the oil line, but couldnt do anything about the generator. bummer dude. we missed you rich!

we ate crickets. not the cool kind like you get off a cart in china. these were from the gas station. they tasted like salty paper.

pee-mex would be our beacon of hope for the next 4 days. the only gas station in mexico, owned by the government. and there arent many of them outside of the cities.

40 miles into the desert and we have this little gem to deal with. what do we do now?


my man nick HANDLED this shit. 45 minutes and we are rollin.

kMack handled it too. this dude is the most fun guy i have ever got to travel with. if your planning a run, it would be in your best interest to fly him in. its worth it. im pretty sure he can be had for a very reasonable price.

yeah yeah, enough of this lifestyle shit, where are the bikes. dont worry there was tons. come back later im sick of this computer at the moment...

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