Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newbie, the FNG

got an honored invitation to come here and post, here are some past bikes, none of them looked this way when I bought them. I painted all of them, and have done a lot and almost have done all the work myself. I only have the pan and the bottom new generator shovel coming along. I tattoo for a living, also paint bikes, and paint paintings, weld and build tattoo machines....blag blah blah fucking blah....
www.blooddeathandglory.blogspot.com is where ya can find me a lot of times, or making people bleed, or sweating in the god damn garage....
stay tuned
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  1. Yeah man! Welcome aboard. Living the chopper dream.

  2. Can't wait to see that shovel in action!!!

  3. Yesss and here he is, the man with ten fingers! One for every Trade!

  4. Nah man all thumbs. All thumbs!!!!!!