Sunday, September 19, 2010

BSA frame fix

The Austin guys haven't been the only busy chopper builders! Here's a little run down of some work I did to Josh's BSA frame today.

This frame is a stock front loop with an old weld on hardtail. The axle plates were originally set up for using a triumph rear wheel which would be fine but the slots were pretty mashed up and not usable.

I started by marking the center line of the axle and scribing a good line.

Then I laid out and scribed the way I wanted the axle plates to look with the correct size for each side (.100 difference from axle to brake side). I also marked the radius on the end of the axle plate to get rid of the old slots.

Fired up the plasma cutter for the main cut and then used a carbide burr on a die grinder to smooth it up before filing.

Ended up with a nice looking pair of axle plates that are cut just right for the quick change hub he's using and shorten the wheelbase about 2".
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