Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Night...

Turned out pretty well.  The San Antonio dudes and their ol ladies rolled up to Austin and we all cruised into downtown.  Pretty decent turn out, with about 10 or so choppers.  The ironheads took over before the night was done, good times.  I didn't get too many pictures, but I'm sure a few more will show up from Cody (Fuelish Vices) and Gilbert.

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  1. Broke a stud off my starter solenoid last night before I headed down to that little shindig of yalls any you fellers got a solenoid you can part with?

  2. Dave jr's got an extra one that came with his '69 sporty. I ask him about it.

  3. man, shit looked funner than hail! wish i could have made it but im afraid my bike would have been a bit out of place haha. atleast im riding!