Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alright Chopper Dudes and Babes...

We are going to start putting on a Chopper Night kind of deal at The Brixton on East 6th.

Bring your rides, women and other cool shit.  We'll have 60's biker movies going all night, rad jukebox, foosball, drink specials, mexican soda's etc etc.

Every Wednesday Night @

The Brixton
1412 E. 6th Street
AustinTX 78702

Spread the word.  For any more info, you can contact me @

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  1. what is the time on all this?

  2. Every Wednesday Dude! I'm sure you'll make it down our way soon, I'll save you a spot at the bar.

  3. Me and my swollen knee will be there haha stupid ass sportster!!