Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Support for HOTW

Joey from HOTW went down last night and is having surgery today for a broken leg and torn ligaments in his hand.  Clarke and the dudes at Freak Out The Squares are donating $10 from every Hated of the World T-shirt purchase.  So do what you can and help out a brother in need. 

"We are trying to help the guy out and raise some scratch for the over priced rebuild kit for a couple of his limbs. $10 from every HOTW Support tee will go straight to Joe to help with whatever he needs. And everyone that buys one will be entered to win $100 worth of goods from the FOTS shop. He is in surgery as I type this and has no idea. He may feel weird about getting this kind of attention but tough shit. I want to creep him out everytime he sees someone wearing one of these tees for years and know his back is covered. If you can, please show your support. Thanks"--FOTS

Get well soon Joey!

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