Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jockey Shift

Spent most of the day scraping flat black paint off all the chrome on my slabside shovel.  I don't think I've ever seen this many zip ties in my life, also figured out quickly that the tranny wasn't bolted down properly.  Looks like a long road ahead of loctite and correcting some backyard engineering. 

Thanks to Tyler @ Nutter Photog for this shot of me trying to ride this beast.
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  1. Nice! Nothing like 30+ years of someone else's tinkering to contend with! Oh, but what fun it is! How you diggin that jockey shift? Personally I love it, and feel that it is the closest you will come to being "one" with the bike! You're definitely more alert.

  2. It's definitely fun, finding out that the rear mechanical (only brake) on the bike is rigged while you are test riding is fun too! haha. That whole springer was mounted wrong, every bolt was on backwards! Other than that, the jockey shift is fun, after a day I was shifting like a madman.